Renovating Your Bathroom For Resale

Renovating Your Bathroom For Resale

Renovating Bathroom For Resale Oakland County Bath Remodeler

If you’re trying to sell your home, the bathroom and kitchen are the two most important spaces to potential home buyers. A bathroom is one of the rooms that yield a significant return on investment when properly renovated.

An effective bathroom upgrade can add value to your home and increase the likelihood of a sale. There are many types of upgrades that can help boost your return on investment in the long term. Here are a few you may want to consider when renovating your bathroom for resale.

How to Renovate Your Bathroom for Resale

1.) Polish Fixtures

Upgrading your bathroom fixtures will give your space an instant facelift and create an appeal to prospective buyers. Remember that your bathroom fixtures such as the sink, toilet, faucet, shower, and tub are the main features in your bathroom. They need to look and function at their best to attract buyers and work in favor of your resale value.

2.) Update Bathroom Vanity Tops

Updated bathroom vanity countertops can create a unique statement in your space. These elements grab attention faster than any other fixtures in your bathroom and can pull down the appeal of the room. When you want to revamp your bathroom, consider selecting countertop materials that are both appealing and durable.

You can opt for natural stone to infuse a durable, luxurious style in your bathroom. Granite is a good natural stone option that can create a statement that attracts buyers. This option is beautiful and can also stand the taste of time. You can also go for more contemporary material options like quartz.

3.) Update Your Bathroom Flooring

Your bathroom deals with frequent temperature changes and the presence of moisture. This means that you should get waterproof and durable flooring for your bathroom that can withstand water damage.

If your bathroom floor is outdated or damaged, you should consider renovating, reviving, or replacing it, based on the extent of the damage. Feel free to consult a bathroom renovation contractor if you’re unsure about the type of material that can give you the best ROI.

4.) Add Bathroom Storage

Bathroom storage space is one of the factors buyers consider when choosing a home. With the growing needs and changes in lifestyle, the need to have a stylish and functional bathroom with enhanced storage is important now more than ever. Unfortunately, most bathrooms do not have enough storage space, which can affect a home’s resale value. So it’s needless to say that if you want to increase the likelihood of a sale, you must enhance your bathroom storage space.

Bathroom Remodeling from Renovation By Design

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