Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer an 18-month warranty on all materials and labor. The warranty begins from the date the project is substantially complete. If there are any questions beyond the 18-month warranty, we are also happy to assist.

Call the office, let us know what your concerns are, you will be directed to our production coordinator who will start the claim in our Buildertrend system.

After making a claim with our production coordinator, a claim ticket will be given to project management. You will receive a call within 24 hours (holiday/weekend excluded) to schedule a site visit. At the site visit the Project manager will determine the status and schedule any work to complete the claim.

Remodeling has a lot of different moving parts, with several different exciting features. No remodel or addition is the same, which reflects on different investments as well. We invite our clients to our showroom for a complimentary consultation, to discuss project details and investments pertaining to their scope of work. We do not price your job by sqft, we base it off selections.

With each scope of work, we will determine the project length for each client. This varies and since every project is different the length could vary as well. At the time of the signed building agreement, we put together a complete timeline.

Our team consists of a combination of RBD team members and our trade partners. Our trade partners carry any required license + insurance and partner with us to renovate your home.

Clients keep their drawings, after proceeding with the design agreement, in our process.

We have a thorough process, which consists of a five-step design process. This allows us to thoroughly understand the project, existing conditions of a home, and create the final design with a firm investment price. Learn more →

In most cases, yes. For the most part we can build/remodel your project while you live in your home.

No, we are a design + build company. We can do all your design and architectural working drawings. If you have plans from an architect, we are happy to work with those plans if you desire.

That is normally not a problem at all. We remove bearing walls in homes all the time. We need to install proper support beams to carry the load to ensure structural integrity.


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