How Can I Make My Small Bathroom Look Spacious?

How Can I Make My Small Bathroom Look Spacious?

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Remodeling a small bathroom is a great opportunity to give the impression of more space, and smartly use every inch. Your new bathroom should not only be about renewing the decor and getting shiny, pristine finishes, but also about using your space in a more pragmatic way. Here are a few tips you can use when planning your home renovation to make your small bathroom look spacious.

Making Your Small Bathroom Look Spacious

1.) Install a Large, Frameless Mirror

Mirrors are a classic way to make a space look bigger, as they add a larger perspective and reflect light. Frameless mirrors are even more effective at making a space look bigger, as it is less clear where they end. Position your mirror or add spotlights to get it to reflect more light, as this is a great tip for making your bathroom feel less crowded.

2.) Use Frameless Glass Shower Panels

Your shower can overwhelm your space if it has framed sliding doors or frosted glass. Using a frameless glass panel will eliminate the clear delimitation of space, making your bathroom look more spacious.

Another option, if you’re redoing your shower, would be to choose a walk-in shower space that doesn’t need a tub or framing. Adding a transparent panel to avoid splashing will not crowd the bathroom so much.

3.) Decorate with Bright Colors, But Don’t Combine Too Many

Using white tiles might be boring and too “sterile” but going with bright colors is best for adding the illusion of more space. You can choose off-white, beige, light gray for your bathroom, as darker shades make the room look smaller. Keep the color palette uniform and don’t combine too many patterns or shades, as you want the walls and floor to seamlessly connect and continue one another.

4.) Keep Your Accessories and Furniture to a Minimum

As much as we love a nicely decorated bathroom, too many objects will inevitably crowd it. Try to use one of each accessory or decoration and place them on an accent wall, shelf, or window sill. Too many unnecessary items can be overkill.

5.) Consider Replacing Your Vanity with a Pedestal Sink

In a lot of bathrooms, the vanity cabinet takes up a lot of space. While it’s a great storage solution, it can occupy a large area and make your small bathroom seem too crowded. Consider finding another storage solution, perhaps a wall cabinet, and replacing the vanity with a pedestal sink.

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