Things to Consider Before Embarking on a Renovation

Things to Consider Before Embarking on a Renovation

Metro Detroit Home Remodeling Tips Embarking on a Renovation

Maybe you’ve had it with the cramped foot print of your kitchen. Maybe one bathroom and four people just isn’t working for you any more. Regardless of the reason and the space, there are a few universal things you should consider before embarking on a renovation.

Before Embarking on a Renovation, Do These Things

Develop a Vision

Whether you are cruising Pinterest in the wee hours of morning or have HGTV on in the background while working from home, having a general idea and vision of your dream space is step one in planning a remodel. This doesn’t mean you need to have finishes lined up and ready for purchase but we do recommend considering the following before the sledge hammers start swinging.

  • Will you be altering the footprint of the space?
  • Will there be structural changes?
  • Are you renovating to sell your home or renovating to help create your dream space?

Setting An Investment

Everyone’s favorite topic- money. Make sure you set an investment range before beginning your project and even more importantly, make sure you set aside funds for the hiccups that may pop up. Pro tip: if you are planning a kitchen remodel be sure to plan expenses for take out on the days your kitchen may not be exactly usable.

Working With a Design/Build Company

Picking a company may be the most important decision you make for your remodel. Choosing a company that you trust can be stressful, to say the least. Some general tips include:

  • Investigate the difference between a design+build company versus a general contractor.
  • Speak with an expert to ensure you are falling within your investment parameters.
  • Use a combination of word of mouth referrals and independent research.
  • Ask to see their portfolio.

Establish a Timeline

After selecting a remodeling contractor, one of the first conversations you’ll have before you get the ball rolling is a timeline. You may have a general idea of how long your renovation “should” take but your contractor will be able to help provide a timeline that is both realistic and conducive to your ideas.

Prepare For The Unexpected

Spoiler alert: something may “go wrong” during your renovation. Your plumbing may not be what you thought it was or maybe those upgraded appliances are a little too much for your current electrical panel. From the big incidents to the little things, make sure you not only financially prepare for the unexpected but are also in the right headspace to roll with the punches.

Before Embarking on a Renovation, Hire Renovation By Design!

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