Creative Lighting Fixture Designs for the Kitchen

Creative Lighting Fixture Designs for the Kitchen

Creative Lighting Fixture Designs Kitchen Remodeling Oakland County

Kitchen lighting is one of the most important parts of any successful home improvement project. Conceptualizing a lighting design scheme that balances aesthetic illumination with functionality can go a long way to transforming your space. Here are some creative lighting fixture designs that can add style to your kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting Design Fixtures

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting describes the light fixtures installed below cabinets. These lights can give your space a modern look and make working in your kitchen easier and more comfortable. LED lights are a popular choice for under-cabinet lighting for a good reason. They provide functional and decorative lighting under kitchen cabinets.

Task Lighting

Task lighting provides illumination to specific spots around your kitchen that may already have some light. They are a great way to add visibility and highlight beauty while brightening darker corners. With proper task lighting, you can highlight small tasks, reduce strain on the eyes, illuminate objects of low contrast, and avoid distracting shadows. The best choices for kitchen task lighting are lamps, pendant lights, wall-mounted lighting, and under-cabinet lighting.

Toe Kick Lighting

A properly lit kitchen can enhance the function of a room and create a warm, welcoming feel. Installing toe kick lighting is a great way to boost the practicality of your kitchen design. When function and design are combined, a flawless balance is created, setting a great atmosphere for living. Toe Kick lighting with LED lights can add ambient to your room while highlighting tiles and other essential kitchen materials.

Integrated Interior Cabinet & Drawer Lighting

Adding an integrated interior cabinet and drawer lighting can help you find items inside your drawers and simplify your daily tasks. They combine design, technology, and craftsmanship to highlight your cabinets’ darkest spots. LEDs can be an excellent choice for integrated cabinet and drawer lighting as they come in many flexible designs and configurations and are low heat lighting.

Up Lighting

Up lighting is a good way of adding contrast and highlighting an element of your space. This involves placing lighting fixtures on the base of your floor or points of interest and pointing them up, which forms an effect of ‘up lighting.

Wall Sconce Lighting in Kitchens

Sconces are a creative kitchen lighting idea that can help bring your cooking and entertainment area into focus. Kitchen wall sconce lighting also helps brighten up dark areas, add subtle light to art, or gives your space extra illumination.

Pendant Lighting

Pendants are a popular choice for kitchen lighting because they are practical. These lights offer a stylish solution to your space, whether you want to hang them over an island, sink, or cooking area. Furthermore, they come in a variety of styles, designs, and sizes to fit any space.

Smart Lighting: Bring Technology into your Kitchen

Integrating smart lighting into your kitchen can make your space look fantastic and simplify your daily activities. These lights allow you to control your kitchen’s lighting and brightness remotely through an app. The many benefits of smart technology include reduced energy use, increased security, fun settings, and easy-to-use light customization.

Kitchen Designers in Oakland County, MI

These are some of the most creative lighting fixture designs for kitchens. Remember to consider your kitchen’s size, style, and layout before choosing the perfect lighting for your space. Get in touch with our team of designers to help style your next kitchen renovation and its lighting design. Call Renovation By Design at (248) 260-7639 or contact us here to get your project started.

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