Bathroom Countertops That Fit Your Lifestyle

Bathroom Countertops That Fit Your Lifestyle

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When remodeling your bathroom, the choices available can be overwhelming. While our team of professional designers are always available to help guide you along in the process, below is a brief breakdown of some of the most common bathroom countertops and materials.

Which Bathroom Countertops Fit Your Lifestyle Best?


A modern take on countertops, concrete has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among those with more modern or industrial taste. Before you start imaging a sidewalk as your countertop, this material is often stained and highly polished, truly elevating your space. While it’s durability and trendiness may appeal to you, keep in mind that it is not easily repaired if cracked and more often than not will need to be replaced entirely if damaged.

Natural Stone

Natural stone like granite, marble and soapstone, is a classic choice for bathroom countertops and one that homeowners gravitate towards for its timeless appeal. Natural stones will elevate your bathroom to the next level but because they require a slightly larger financial investment, you may want to skip the material for family bathrooms that get the most use and save the material for your master suite.

Engineered Stone

Because they are man made, engineered stones like quartz are available in an endless amount of options. In addition to variety, engineered stone is less brittle and porous than their natural stone counterparts. Like their concrete counterpart, quartz and other man made materials can provide a contemporary, unique look to your bathroom.

Of course there are always more options available like ceramic tile, crushed glass and solid surface countertops. Ranging in cost and durability, we can help you choose the material that makes the most sense for your lifestyle and budget to help craft the space you’ve been dreaming of.

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