Picking Your Countertops

Picking Your Countertops

Picking Your Countertops Remodeling Contractor Rochester Hills, MI

Are you in the process of picking your countertops? From traditional to contemporary, there are an increasing number of countertop materials available for your next renovation. While materials such as granite and marble will always be classic choices, they are making way for new ideas and innovations like concrete and butcher block or wood counters. We’ll give you the rundown on some of the more traditional materials as well as a few options if you are feeling adventurous.

Picking Your Countertops? Consider These


Quartz has been gaining popularity in recent years and it’s no wonder as to why. The engineered stone comes in a seemingly endless array of colors and enough durability to make it family friendly, this material offers a contemporary solution when it comes to updating your space. Similarly priced to other high end countertop materials, quartz carries a higher end price tag but carries few cons.


For the longest time, granite was the pinnacle of elegance when it came to countertop materials and still holds its rank when it comes to classic, high end mediums. While granite is strong and heat resistant, it is porous which means it will need to be sealed to avoid staining. Another note of mention- while incredibly durable, if your granite does crack or chip, it can be expensive and nearly impossible to repair. In instances when it can be fixed, the repair is almost always evident on the surface of the stone.


Did you just think of the Pantheon or the statue ‘David’? Marble has been associated with opulence for centuries. From Roman and Greek architecture to flooring and countertops. One of the best qualities that marble has is its color and veining which is caused by extreme heat and pressure (aka the Earth). One of the biggest downfalls to marble is that it STAINS and not just your typically culprits like wine and tomatoes. There is no doubt that marble is beautiful but if you have little ones at home or aren’t the most graceful of chefs, you may want to consider something else.


The word “porcelain” may conjure thoughts of dolls and toilets but it can actually make for a solid 😉 countertop choice for your kitchen remodel. Thin by nature, this material is strong, moderately priced and can elevate your space in no time. In addition to its durable nature, porcelain is resistant to stains and scratches in addition to providing antibacterial protection. Porcelain does not need to be sealed like other countertop materials and because of its tough nature, chips and cracks will not be high on the list of things to worry about.

New Comers:

If you are looking to think outside box, there are a few newcomers you may be interested in:

Concrete: virtually scratch proof, concrete possesses the ability to form to any space and be finished precisely to your taste.

Stainless steel: A staple in commercial kitchens, stainless steel countertops have slowly been making their way into the residential arena. While they cater to a pretty particular aesthetic, stainless steel countertops can be applauded for their resounding durability.

Wood/butcher block: essentially a cutting board everywhere, butcher block can be a very utilitarian approach to your kitchen remodel. Beware though, you’ll need to seal them on a monthly basis.

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