How to Plan For a Home Addition

How to Plan For a Home Addition

How to Plan Home Addition Contractor Rochester Hills

As life arrangements change and your family becomes bigger, your needs shift towards other priorities. As a result, you might need more space in your home. As not all homeowners want to sell their homes and go through the process of moving, home additions are a great solution. Whether you need a bigger kitchen, an extra bedroom, or a guest house, it’s a big project that requires thorough planning. Keep reading to learn how to plan your home addition!

Planning Your Home Addition Project

A home addition is generally a big project because it modifies the structure of your home and requires thorough planning, a good team, and good management. Here are the main steps you will go through when planning a home addition.

1.) Determine What You Can Do Within the Legal & Administrative Limits

Before you start planning your design and looking for a team, it’s important to find out what you are allowed to build, and how much you can expand your current home. Contact your local zoning department and find out how close you can get to your property line, where your underground utilities are located, etc. Make sure your project complies with your HOA as well.

2.) Set a Budget for the Addition

Once you know what you have in mind for your home addition, do some research on the budget that might be needed for such a project. Check out local contractors and inquire about price ranges for your home additions, ask for advice from friends or acquaintances who had similar construction work done, and check out online forums for a wider perspective.

3.) Put Together a Team of Experts, Starting with a Designer

For a home addition, it’s crucial to work with a specialized team. You will need to work with a designer or architect who can make sure the new structures are functional and safe. It’s more practical to go with a team that already has a designer or to choose the contractor they refer to and frequently work with.

4.) Find a Contractor With Experience

When browsing for contractors, choose a team that has already done similar home additions. It helps a lot to see the same type of project in their portfolio and to know that they have the experience you need for a smooth project. Before you put a contractor on your shortlist, make sure they are licensed, and fully insured. Unexpected things can happen anytime, so it’s wise to work with a team that mitigates the risks and has a realistic approach.

Need an A Team for Your Project?

If you have a home addition in mind and want to collaborate with an experienced design-build contractor, contact us here. We have plenty of experience doing remodeling and home additions in Metro Detroit, and we have put together a fantastic team to handle everything from A to Z.

Get in touch with us by calling (248) 260-7639 and we will start the process of putting your vision on paper, finding the best materials and methods for your project, and establishing all the details with you.

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