Lighting Options for Your Next Home Renovation Project

Lighting Options for Your Next Home Renovation Project

Lighting Options Home Renovations Metro Detroit

Proper lighting is essential to your home because it creates a warm and bright ambiance and improves the overall mood. On the contrary, insufficient lighting will make a space feel cramped and inaccessible. This explains the importance of choosing appropriate lighting fixtures to suit your home’s lighting needs and style. Whether you choose pendant, recessed, or surface mount, there is an option for every room in your home. The most efficient lighting options in the market are:

Lighting Options To Consider

1.) Recessed Lights

Recessed lights, sometimes known as downlights, are often installed across the ceiling and provide an accent, ambient, or task lighting. This type of lighting is ideal for spaces with low ceilings and can perfectly suit any room in your home, from living rooms and bedrooms to offices and bathrooms.

Recessed lights used in overhanging structures like patios can also provide ambient outdoor lighting. There are various recessed lighting trim types to pick from, which provide different aesthetics. They include open trim, baffle trim, shower trim, and reflector trim.

2.) Surface Mount

Surface mount lights are installed on flat surfaces like the ceiling. In the industrial setting, surface mount lights are fixed on the ceiling by a chain or static fixtures. These light fixtures are available in different sizes and shapes and work well when the ceiling is exposed or there is minimal space between the dropdown ceiling and structural ceiling. Plus, you only need minimal alterations to install or mount these lights.

3.) Pendant

Pendant lights are designed to hang from the top of the ceiling. They are often attached to the ceiling by devices such as a chain, pipe, or metal rod. Pendant lighting provides brighter illumination, usually required in smaller rooms for various tasks like cooking, reading, and studying. For proper illumination, it’s best to avoid lighting that casts troublesome shadows.

4.) UCL – Undercabinet Light Fixture

Under-cabinet light fixtures often provide an accent or task lighting and are ideal in various applications, including residential, commercial, and hospitality settings. These lights come with standard knockouts placed at the top or along the ends to enhance direct connection. They work best as task lighting for utility areas, display cases, office lighting, and under cabinets.

5.) Wall-mounted Lights

Wall-mounted lighting, also called sconces, is mounted on a flat wall and extends outward from the surface. They often direct light downwards, upwards, or across and their covers can add a stylistic element to your living space.

Wall sconces come in various shapes, sizes, and configurations to flush or shine the light against the wall. These lights are ideal for indoor and outdoor areas, including living rooms, dining areas, porches, patios, and walkways. Wall-mounted lights are also extensively used in healthcare facilities such as dentist and doctor offices.

Lighting Options & Design Tips From RBD

If you’re looking for quality lighting options, Renovation By Design partners with only the best suppliers that have an extensive range of fixtures to suit all your lighting needs. Our designers can evaluate your home’s lighting needs and provide a suitable solution. Contact us here or connect with our team today at (248) 260-7639 for a complimentary showroom consultation.

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